Keeping things Simple

1st November 2023

I heard a though-provoking quote on a podcast recently:

“Time is a ruthless filter, 99% of what has happened in the past has been forgotten, only 1% of what is useful remains timeless”.

 I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since. The Lindy effect, which states that “the older something is, the more likely it will be around in the future” points to the same conclusion – only useful concepts and practices survive. I bring this up because I find myself drowned in noise: new technology, new apps, new social media platforms, new streaming devices. I’m bombarded with the ‘next shiny thing’ and it’s difficult to be reserved in deciding what to incorporate into my life and what to avoid. My profession is the same – technology is moving at a rapid pace and every time I open my monthly journal, businesses are purchasing the ‘latest device’ to help patients.

The harsh truth is that few of these devices are necessary – what is necessary are accurate ways of determining if someone needs help seeing, and accurate ways of examining and monitoring eye health. Layered on top of this is the skills of the clinician to interpret the results of these tests and explain them in an open and clear manner to his or her patients. These skills are timeless and whilst we will ensure the technology we have is cutting edge, we will never subscribe to using devices that add little or no value to our patients. We will always place customer satisfaction above everything else – this is a timeless practice and we want to be around for many generations and not just be a flash in the pan.

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