My Life is My Message

11th June 2024

A church leader that had once spent time with Mahatama Gandhi asked him for a message for the American people. Gandhi’s response – “My life is my message”. I first came across this quote a few decades ago and it didn’t seem to resonate any meaning to me. I was a young man without any commitments and lived each day to it’s fullest, not really thinking too much about how I was moving through life. Fast forward to today – I am a dad to three young children and I shoulder the responsibility of managing over 40 colleagues across my group. Suddenly this message seems to have dug it’s way up from the depths of my consciousness and I think I understand what Gandhi meant. We will all come across people in life that don’t practice what they preach. They will posture as being open and honest. They will talk about integrity and how they treat everyone with postive regard and yet spend enough time with them and you will see that they don’t speak openly about how they feel and they gossip about others behind their back only to put on a friendly face when in their company. This is just one example and no one is perfect – we all know deep down that we often fail to live up to our own standards. We fail to follow the diet and exercise plan we shout about to others to follow. We don’t read as much as we push our children to. We spend too much time on our phones and devices whilst berating others for doing the same. I admire Gandhi because despite the difficulties he faced, he lived up to the strict standards he set himself. He was a hard act to follow and my suspicion is that just seeing him endure made others in his company up their own game. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if in our own way, we could achieve even a fraction of this unity between our words and our actions? I certainly think it’s worth a try.

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