Pursuing Excellence

1st October 2023

A few weeks ago I’d become a little frustrated at the somewhat half-hearted manner in which my children had been doing things. It was a culmination of not tidying up after themselves, doing their homework to a standard that I didn’t feel reflected their full potential and various other small annoyances that they probably felt that dad was overreacting to. I ended up having a ‘conversation’ with them on the way to school one morning to raise my observations and explain why I felt that what I was speaking to them about was imporatnt. The main point of this conversation was to explain to them that the small things in life matter. It may never seem like it, but how we do anything is how we do everything. Our outcomes in life are ultimately just a lagging measure of our habits and at any point in time we are choosing to reinforce either a habit that serves us well, or a habit that doesn’t.

After my 20 minute monologue (we were stuck in heavy traffic) I concluded that whilst they feel shortcuts in life now are OK because mum and dad will help them fill the gaps, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll want to take them in the future when we can’t help them in the moment and that this will cap their potential. My talk was probably brushed aside by my children but even if they internalise a little bit from it I feel I’ve done something good for them. When patients come to see me at work I don’t take shortcuts, the practice is always immaculate and I try to set a high bar in terms of service standards and customer satisfaction. I want my children to see that these things matter, not to show anyone else but because you have to feel good about how you pass through your life. The quality of how you do things in life should matter to you, it may impact people more than you can imagine.

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